ROY G. BIV Dice Strategy Board Game Tutorial – Free for Iphone Ipad.wmv

ROY G. BIV is a Dice Strategy Board Game. Free for iPhone, iPad, & iPhone.

Wanted: World’s Smartest Gamers
Skills: Ability to Add Numbers 1-7

This is a 4 1/2 minute video showing a game of ROY G. BIV being played head to head on iPad.

It is played with 49 dice on a 7×7 board. There are seven of each die value: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

The game starts with one die randomly selected and placed in the center of the board.

Each player then picks an equal number of dice for their hand.

ROY G. BIV has one simple rule:

1. A Played die captures and scores the value of any LOWER valued dice in the ROW or COLUMN the die is played in.

2. The scored dice turn into the value of the played die and stay on the board.

3. Dice in the row or column of equal or greater value are not captured or scored.

Play continues until their are no more dice or spots left on the board.

Highest Score Wins.

24 One Player & Two Player Variations. All FREE!

Download A Dice Strategy Board Game – ROY G. BIV from the iTunes store or


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