Welcome to Pegland — a world of endless fantastic landscapes, where you should aim & fire to hit as many pegs as you can! Hit all the pink pegs and clear them all before you run out of shots!

Want to challenge yourself even more? Aim wisely to get the ball in the bucket after it hits the pegs… get this right and get a FREE BALL!!!

And…Check out those special balls and cool pegs with amazing powers that will help you ace your mission!

So… How many levels can you clear?

Warning: This game is SUPER addictive!

How to Play?
• Tap the point you want to hit

• 25 challenging levels
• 2 game modes (Voyage and Clean Sweep)
• 4 ball types (Steel ball, Flame ball, Multi ball, Shredder ball)
• 6 peg types (Explosion, Mega-Point, Safeguard, Trajectory, Regular, Sector)
• Innovative combo system


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  • es ta mierda de es un remedo de peggle verdadero

    Andres Tiuma July 6, 2020 9:56 pm Reply

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