Mogeko Castle – All Endings, Bonus Room & Trailer

All endings of Mogeko Castle plus the Mogeko Castle Gaiden Trailer and Bonus Room without commentary over them. Also includes a plot explanation and trivia segment from me.

Game Info & Download:
Game Playlist:

“This will be the final moge, moge.”

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All Comments

  • What was crazy is that I came across this game when I was like…12. Was a total fucking trip for me because I didn’t understand what the fuck was happening. I come back years later and it still makes me feel super uncomfortable but it still holds a place in my heart for these kinds of games-

    Te0b3ar June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Why do the Mogeko sound like a Utauloid

    Datsu -P June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Bad End 0: Everlasting Dream 00:05
    Bad End 1: Assimilation 02:31
    Bad End 2: Insects 03:26
    Bad End 3: Meat Party 04:44
    Bad End 4: Toy 06:42
    Bad End 5: Parasite 11:29
    Bad End 6: Elopement 12:48
    Bad End 7: Fictitious Truth 14:56
    Normal End: Yonaka Castle 18:06
    Happy End: 27:46
    Gaiden Trailer: 35:47
    Bonus Room: 37:27
    Plot Summary Etc.: 49:19

    - Roxanna June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Guys, Nega-Mogeko…

    Kriogen June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Poor yonaka

    L0R3NZ0 2 June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Let's be honest here. To get meat party, Yonaka must either be suicidal or just incredibly stupid.

    Smart Gamer Giel June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • If you ask me, this game only has bad endings. Even the true ending ends bad.

    Smart Gamer Giel June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • 00:05

    The Voidwalker Br June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • First…?

    First BOB17 June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Owo

    fishy June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • After seing sh*t that these Mogekos and Moge-ko are into, I believe that murdering them all in humane way is completly out of cards now.

    All these bad dreams and demons of mind should be exorcised.

    By using guidlines for exorcism that DOOM guy uses.

    Chalcedony Coral June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • 00:05

    BlueFlame藍焰 June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • What is assimilation ending mean?

    aufa athallah June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • on the first ending you can litteraly hear cum and blood noises.

    dimond axe June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • If any of you end up seeing this comment I just wanted to let you know that I looked for this game for years but I forgot the name of it, and how I found out is by using akinator.

    Rolandas Grigaitis June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • This was on my birthday moge…

    3 O 5 June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • And there's the nice wrap up to this bizarre series. It's nice to have the full picture of this classic game now. I will say I prefer The Gray Garden to this, but that's just personal taste. Deep-Sea Prisoner continues to fascinate me.

    Shawn Heatherly June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • I really enjoyed watching this! purely speculative (and probably super inaccurate lol), but this whole game makes much more sense to me if one think it of as more metaphorical than at surface level. At the start of the game, she wanted to get away from Shinyas grip and took the bus away to escape. And such, she actually /does/ get away – through retreating inside her own mind that is, as a defensive mechanism. Isnt it curious how she so easily is accepted as lord of the proscuittos? It makes a whole lot more if its inside her own imagination.

    Everything at Mogeko Castle is a manifestation of her imagination, and all the characters there are part of her or parts of her brothers personality. Everything happening here is for helping her cope through her experiences. Throughout the game, Yonaka gets face to face with her trauma in physical form – as mogekos, as Moge-Ko and finally the Mogeko King. If i would guess, perhaps these are all aspects of shinya that she fears.

    First, the iconic mogekos. I know theres some speculating that its very processed sexual abuse trauma, and that could be it. At first i thought that was inaccurate, but the true ending more or less isnt Yonaka actually confronting Shinya with her thoughts, instead she just embraces his weak apology. After that, she ends up in king mogekos bed. King Mogekos still the same sinister person, so clearly whatever happened with Shinya and her never solved her dilemma. Its got the "i killed my abuser but still, why dont i feel satisfied?" vibe to it. If its sexual abuse that Yonaka never had the courage to confront, it makes more sense why this entire situation would haunt her to the level of taking "meds."

    For me, i interpreted the proscuitto ending as her giving up on finding reason for his behavior after he killed him, and instead retreats inside herself to protect herself from everything. Through becoming king of the castle, she can assert control again – but at which price? At the price of losing "her humanity" that is. Perhaps Yonaka even developed the same personality as her brother after that.

    Moge-ko could be the rage and the bloodthirstyness shes experienced from him, since he clearly went around and killed people. And Yonaka feared him despite her love for him. Theres no way guy isnt unstable (or perhaps unhinged/has sane moments?).

    King Mogeko could reflect the authority he had in her life, since they were so codependant. King mogeko had a lonely past, something that perhaps Shinya shared and Yonaka wanted to "heal". King mogeko seemed to value absolutism, and punished Defected Mogeko harshly for disobeying. That could be another way of portraying his influence on her. Im basing this by how he said in the beginning that yonaka would be "his".

    Defected Mogeko could be a reflection of Yonakas own feelings about the position shes in. Yonaka clearly fears Shinyas actions, and she has doubted him to the level she left home. In a similar manner, this mogeko has defected. Defected mogeko could be her inner naivety, her hope, the part that wants to escape the situation and survive despite knowing how dire it is. In the end, she gains this new hope but through painful means.

    I might be very selfindulgent and super wrong, and this could be the metatastic 2channel parody of otaku culture instead, but i find interest in abuse narratives and wanted to share my thoughts on it. For me though, rather than a "solution" mogeko castle rather focuses on the consequences and damage of a relationship of that caliber.

    insert name June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • "starting today, you'll be Moge-ko's toy" god i wish that were me

    sipboy June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply

    искрыч June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Regular high school girl becomes god of an Italian meat and rules over bootleg pikachus.

    Sounds legit.

    Bariax Official Channel June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Toy

    TeF Djãqui June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • the writing is total shit

    BirdsEyeView June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • 38:27 I rather die because of starve thanks

    FAT THINGS June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • Plot twist: 34:20
    The red background that you see through the window is just dense red fog.
    …And the king is being a pain in the fucking ass like he always was.
    Clearly Yonaka doesn't give a single Fuck about him.

    kot32 June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • is it weird that i think moge-ko is really hot?

    very tired June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • finally one without commentary

    Biasface June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • You know?

    After seeing 3 or even 5 games that have hanged people or people on a noose TO an adult content in horror… I think the best logical option is to-

    AXCEL DACAY June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • i like moge-ko.

    an white June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply
  • WTFUG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Acid Teh Object Thingy Is Back! June 26, 2020 8:27 am Reply

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