Mediatwits #108: Can Facebook's Paper App Change the Aggregation Game?

For Facebook’s tenth birthday, the social platform gave itself a new app: Paper. The app — not to be confused with a disgruntled app of the same name — promises a revolution in the way that users interact with content. While the current Facebook newsfeed features a melange of status updates, baby pictures, shared news links and the rest, Paper sorts all of this data into separate streams. The app, which launched on Monday, allows users to toggle between categories of content including “Headlines,” “Cute,” “Score” and “Ideas.” With this new product, Facebook offers its flurry of content in a more curated format, much like the “personalized newspaper” that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he would like Facebook to become. On this episode of Mediatwits, we’ll be joined by Michael Reckhow from Facebook to discuss their new app. We’ll also have Andrew Lih of American University, Felix Salmon of Reuters and PR guru Sarah Evans, with PBS MediaShift’s Mark Glaser hosting.


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