Honey Bunny Ka Jetpack – Hero Run – Android IOS Game

Honey Bunny Ka Jetpack – Hero Run – Android IOS Game.

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Help Honey & Bunny, Joyride escape in endless Jetpack run with crazy Jholmaal!

Honey and Bunny are back! This time they zoom run, jump & fly with Jetpack!

Honey Bunny ka Jetpack is a fast-paced jetpack game where you have to fly jetpack around lasers and obstacle infested levels to collect all the stars.

Play Challenge mode as well as quick play mode. Sharp reflexes are your best weapon to avoid the obstacles in your path. These include Sparks, Air mines and even Chopper. Stay out of harm and you’ll travel more distance and gain higher place on the online leaderboard! Enter in supersonic mode by collecting coins. Get different Vehicles like Bike, UFO also Gravity Capsule.

Sab Jholmaal Hai also known as Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal is an Indian animated comedy television series that airs on Sony Yay. Sony Yay now brings you an entertaining & thrilling joyride adventure jetpack game in collaboration with Appon.

Honey Bunny ka Jetpack lets you play a jet packed hero and fly through a series of quest & obstacles. You will have to stay focused as you avoid the varied obstacles that are strewn along your path. Collect stars along the way to give you boosts of speed that can help you get higher scores.

Get set on a joyride journey of ups and downs with two amazing characters: Honey and Bunny. Keep flying around the arena, zoom in and out using a jetpack in this two-mode game: one being an endless runner and other a level-based challenge.

Avoid obstacles like lasers, explosive barrels and boxes and missiles to collect all the stars in the level.

Experience exciting new powerups on your way to gain speed and momentum, jump in and out using the jetpack in collecting all the stars. Blast and beat your way through with helpful powerups like bike ride, gravity machine and the speed booster.

Tap & Fly jetpack through all obstacles and gently put jetpack characters honey or bunny on the finish line. It’s one the cool games that lets you do the following.

• Complete daring challenges to brag your status
• Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles
• Collect all the stars and get a 3-star rating in all joyride Jholmaal challenges
• Test your reflexes with simple one-tap controls
• Equip amazing power ups
• High Resolution Graphics and Explosion Effects
• Collect and use awesome power ups.
• Run & jump in exotic locations for thrilling joyride Jholmaal experience.
• Travel maximum distance and try to top the leader boards.

Choose one of the characters from your favorite tv show Honey-Bunny Ka Jholmaal. Play as honey or bunny and go your way through in gaining 3 stars in all the challenges, with crazy Jholmaal jetpack effects. Choose your favorite character as you jump and fly them in the empty spaces collecting the stars. Test your potential in covering the longest distance in the play mode to compare your results with your friends in knowing who’s the best at it.

Kids won’t get bored now as Honey Bunny are getting them crazy Jholmaal in brand new joyride adventure game throughout the summers. So, get ready to have joyride fun with your favorite buddies- Honey & Bunny from Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal today! Download the game now for free and get addicted and lose yourself in Jetpack Hero.



Honey Bunny ka Jetpack Game respects your privacy, does not store any personal information & does not allow you share this information.

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Honey Bunny ka Jetpack game is free to play.

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