Fix It Girls Summer Fun Household Repair Game For Kids

Fix It Girls Summer Fun Household Repair Game For Kids.
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The Fix It Girls are back with an exciting summer project – to fix up the POOL!
Help the Fix It Girls give these broken down homes a summer makeover! Fix up pools, decorate rooms, add furniture and so much more!
Fix a new house and pool every day! Earn prizes and upgrade the houses as you play!

What’s summer without a pool?! Help the Fix It Girls bring summer to the neighborhood by using your creativity and eye for design to fix up the pool along with the rest of the house! Clean, repair and decorate every room in the house to make them look brand new and beautiful! Fix up electric appliances, refurbish old furniture, choose from tons of paint colors and more! Earn beautiful additions to each room as you fix them up! Together, you can fix anything!


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