Don't Panic! – Let's Get Quizzical

Don’t Panic! is the quick thinking naming board game. Start the timer and quickly name things which are associated to the words on the game card. Three might be easy but can you think of six or will your brain freeze. The faster you go the more you score! Easier words are highlighted for younger players.

To object of the game is to get the highest score by naming things associated with the subject as quickly as possible. In any round it is up to the other players to tell the person playing if something does not fit the subject on the card.

Place the Don’t Panic timer in the middle of the board. Set the timer by turning the red ‘Panic’ button clockwise to ten. Each card has 4 colours with the easiest subject at the top and hardest at the bottom. These colours correspond to the playing spaces on the board. Each subject has a number next to it. This is the number of answers you have to give before stopping the timer.

The colour of the space that you occupy on the board denotes the subject you have to answer on the card. To aid younger players they can choose to always answer the top subject (yellow) regardless of what colour they land on.

The winner is the player that has moved furthest around the board.


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