Cythera Speedrun FAIL!

What’s this? A Cythera video on Cythera Guides? Why, yes! Recent discussion at Cythera Guides has kindled an interest in speed running the game. Buzzzzy has uploaded an excellent and *fast* one (linked below), but I wanted to try some things differently. A handful of key differences are the addition of Meleager to the party, the glowing staff for light, and arranging all human-based interactions to happen during the day and everything else at night. My goal was to minimize real time, game time, and avoid saving or loading.

Unfortunately, this is a failed speedrun! Not only did I end up falling behind Buzzzzy’s time, but my arrangement of quests completely falls apart at the final step: purifying the crolna. Fighting Charax to waken him is dangerous since he’ll attack you with magic, but as I found out, using “Awake” will freeze the game.

While I continue to ponder the best way to organize quests to minimize play, please enjoy this incomplete attempt at a Cythera speedrun. 🙂

Buzzzzy’s immeasurably better speedrun:

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  • Oh my god. I haven't played this game since 10 years ago on my parent's old G3 iMac. I remember it could only run on Classic Os9.

    How are you able to emulate this? I heard rumors it could still be played on Windows 10 but I have my doubts lol.

    Gaki Gaku June 28, 2020 5:57 pm Reply

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