CrossWays from USAopoly

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CrossWays is a clever strategy game that uses two decks of traditional playing cards to add twists of randomness, change up the strategies, and, of course, luck. Designed for two to four players or teams, the object of the game is to build a line of your colored markers across the board from one edge to the other, either vertically or horizontally. (Diagonals don’t count.) To play, deal five cards to each player. On each turn, players have a variety of choices. They can place one marker matching a card in his or her hand. For instance, a marker on a black queen space to match a black queen held in the hand. He or she can place two markers on any spaces with a pair. Or with a run of two cards, he or she can remove two opponents’ pieces from the board. More than one color marker can be on one square, and those count for the pathway. However, if there are two markers of one color on top of one another, that square is blocked until one or both are removed. The white squares, which are critical for strategy, can only be occupied by two pieces of one color. And two markers must be on them at all times.


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