BlueCurrentⅢ 510 light game under the daylight ~English commentary~

BlueCurrentⅢ series have been launched in early spring 2020.
BlueCurrentⅡ have been renewed into Ⅲ as a challenge of YAMAGA Blanks.
Let us introduce you BLC 510 which have high sensitivity and ability of manipulation in short range game.
This BLC510 is good to be fished with jig head 0.5g~1.5g in very short range.
You can cast sharply with it even you fish with very right and tiny jig head in the strong head wind. Sensitivity of 510 will transmits every vital information even if it was really small.
Moderate stiffness on tip and belly section will support you to cast in head wind and twitch jig head aggressively as you imagine.
On this video, you can see those elements which are introduced as remarkable characteristics of 510.
YB field staff : Mr,Gunji is making use of potential of 510 on the day game fishing.

He pulls the trigger of predation of target while taking advantage of characteristics of it.
Cast little further with 3g of jig head and get bottom quickly to search target effectively.
510 have enough versatility to cover and adjust situation and target as you wished.
You can see enactory how is 510 like on this day game fishing video.
We hope that you will enjoy it!

Angler : Kazuyoshi Gunji

【Tackle data】
Rod : BlueCurrentⅢ 510
Reel : 16 Vanquish C2000S
Line : PE0.3
Leader : Fluorocarbon 0.8(4.6lb)(YGK CHERUM AMBERCORD )
Lure : JigHead 1g & 3g

【Rod spec】
Closed Length:915mm
Lure:MAX4.5g(JH0.3~4.5g )
Line:PE0.06~0.3 / NY・FC1~3lb
Guide:SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)


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