Amiga 500 Longplay [085] AAARGH!

Played by: Ironclaw


I wanted to record the standard version before this one because the already existing Amiga longplay of that version (talking about the one on the World of Longplays channel) has several flaws (didn’t eat people, sound delay, broken player animation…) and is in need of an update, but I too got the broken animation. It happens after level 1 and with the green dude. Tried different versions and settings, but nothing worked. One thing the other longplay has over this one is the longplayer played through with both characters.

The longplays community doesn’t allow game overs, which wasn’t a problem for the other longplayer as the standard version has several lives you can spend before getting game over. This Coin-Op version go game over after the first and only life is gone. I can of course continue over and over again by inserting more coins, but I don’t like that. I guess I could have used as many credits as the standard version has lives, but that would show the game over text every time in this version, so… bleh. I did it with just one life, which was SUPER hard. Spent over 4 hours on this game.

The hardest level was Egypt. I was chilling up to that point, but now the game got serious. From here on, I most of the time run around with just one hit point left (or whatever to call it), so just a tiny bullet-thingy would kill me. I died like 300 times throughout this longplay, but thanks to save states, you won’t see that Smile

I skip the egg on the castle level (10:40) as I noticed once I have all the 5 eggs, the game skips the rest of the levels and takes me straight to the final one. I didn’t take the next egg until the Taj Mahal/India (I think… 18:41) level. Took it before taking down more buildings as it was too hard to smash the rest.

A level is complete by either destroying all structures or getting an egg.

The game doesn’t have a visible health bar, so it’s best to eat whenever you can. I usually add game over/death at the end of the video, but forgot, so here it is instead:

This is far from a speedrun Smile All I have to do is to destroy the structures and I’m off to the next level, or collect an egg… but instead I just goof around a bit, eating some people, burning the huts down (which is super slow compared to smashing them down). I enjoyed myself in the beginning, but later on things became very difficult, which went from fun to frustrating.

The last level can be completed once the golden egg has been reached, but I decided to destroy all those structures first anyway in case something different would happen.

I’m using the latest version of WinUAE because it has the sound delay fixed, but at the cost of random crashes and sometimes messed up frame rates (can’t replicate, it just happens sometimes). So, two places in this video will have broken sound (sound delay, etc). The first part is 07:30-07:57, and the second one is 15:53-16:19. Sorry about that. If I wasn’t so lazy and the game wasn’t so damn hard, I would have replayed and fixed them.

Hmm, watching this video now makes me notice stuff I didn’t while playing. I didn’t know those red balls spawned wasps/bees. I bet I could punch those red eggs and destroy them, because if I try to eat them, I die. Would have made stuff easier.

This is Arcadia

There are many differences between this and the standard version, but not enough text space left to mention all of them.


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    David Lindholm June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • With extra work, this could have been a decent beat'em up.

    daniel280456 June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • yeah i loved this game as a kid !

    ammmPDupp June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • "people people people people people people people"

    Smoop June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Lol the dragon walks around like its wearing a tight corset sticking its chest out, and is walking in high heels, some type of quasi-trying to be sexy model on the catwalk type of walk. Weird choice for a walk animation for a dragon.

    Phishkisses June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply

    esgarramanter June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • I thought you would fight the Roc as the final boss.

    DevilFish69 June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply

    starofjustice1 June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • "what ya playing?"
    "oh, you know… some gold ol' ARGHHHH"

    Espy June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • That intro song sounds like ripping ass.

    The ghost who took your fork June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • It's like a medieval version of Rampage. Thought my first thought was of Trogdor the Burninator, due to all the burning thatched-roof cootages

    Drake Woody June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • In my opinion it's lovely.

    Arnau Jess June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Rampage Clone

    Andrew Lazin June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • if i had to live in a world with mosquitoes that big, I wouldn't want to go on living.

    Baka June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • penis

    Carrier Of Light June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Imagine telling your friends about this game

    "Hey guy, have you heard of ARRRGH!?"
    "Let's go play some ARRRGH!"

    Sonichackedyou June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Loved this game. Unfortunately, the copy I had always went glitchy after the third level. Nice to finally see past that – thanks!

    porridgesilt June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • is this the game that inspired trogdor

    Dkunz Cartoons June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Looks like Trogdor for the Amiga…

    SNARCast June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Neat, it reminds me of rampage.

    loszhor June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Meatballs

    thecowboy2 June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Wicked cool sound! Someone should make a modern 3D remake, where you control a monster and crush human cities like they were ant colonies 😀

    Adrian June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • lol what a name

    Traitor June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • The title screen almost made me think this'd be Amiga's version of Rampage. I guess it would've fooled anyone. Anyway, I agree with scalpey, it's a cool game.

    DBoy2029 June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • the title sums up every gamer's internal rage

    The Toontastic Toon June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • I remember playing this as a child. Always chose the dragon!

    xMehL June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Giant taco's in hut's. Fun times.

    arcticfox04 June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • Well, with that Title Name, I thought this is a Pirate game. Interesting game though. Looks like fun.

    Halsaufschneider June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • So many monster games lately

    filozof June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply
  • intresting name

    scalpey June 25, 2020 7:03 pm Reply

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